So, we’re guessing you have stumbled upon us. 
Whether you are an avid reader or just getting your toes wet, we are so excited to share our love of books with you!
Before we get started, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

So, I guess I’m first! My name is Taylor, and I have just recently entered my 20’s. However, leaving my “teenhood” behind does not mean in any way, shape, or form that I will be stepping away from Young Adult literature. Yeah… no way. I spent many of my childhood years being an avid reader. Once I reached those high school years though, I had no time for that silliness. Luckily, summer of 2011, I saw the light once again, and realized that teen literature is the freaking BOMB. So yeah, you could say I’ve been sort of reintroduced to the YA genre recently. I can not wait to dig even deeper into what it has to offer! I hope you enjoy our blog and visit often!


I never really know how to introduce myself, but I guess the best way to start this relationship would be:
“Hello, I’m Rebekah and I love to read.”
Unlike Taylor, I’m still a teenager, but in my last year. So let’s just say I’m living it up and……reading. A lot. I grew up loving the classics of YA fiction, and truly fell in love after reading just one book. You might have heard of the series. It’s about an orphan boy wizard…
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog. We promise to share and maybe make you laugh, but most of all, we just want to continue to explore the possibilities of a good book. It really is pretty powerful.


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