Review: City of Ashes

Hey all! Taylor here!

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

4 out of 5 stars!

In this sequel to City of Bones (S & S, 2007), the nonstop action continues. The Shadowhunters are battling a world of demons that few people can see. Guided by the laws of the Clave, these hunters balance fighting with the other more mundane aspects of life—love, betrayal, and confusion. Jace, the fiercest teenage Shadowhunter, seems determined to make everyone around him angry, and is looked upon with suspicion because his father, Valentine, is out to rule the world. Meanwhile, love triangles abound, vampires are reborn, and general teenage angst blossoms among a group of friends and siblings. Set in an alternative present-day Manhattan, the story comes complete with Britney Spears references and even, ironically, refers to the scientific CSI. Well written in both style and language, it compares favorably to others in this genre. The human characters are well developed and quite believable. The whole book is like watching a particularly good vampire/werewolf movie, and it leaves readers waiting for the next in the series. Watch this one fly off the shelves.

Synopsis found on Amazon by Jennifer-Lynn Draper, Children’s Literature Consultant, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 

Taylor’s Review:
so, i just got finished listening to the second book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. um. WOW.

First of all, i think it was one of the best audio books i have ever listened to. I love audiobooks, but sometimes it is hard for them to hold my interest, especially if there is not much going on. However, with “City of Ashes,” it was a TOTALLY different story. I would park my car and then just sit in it, listening some more.

This book, like the first, was packed with action. I found myself breathing hard along with the characters in the book. The tension between jace and clary is ridiculous. And jace was seriously getting on my nerves. I cannot stand arrogant boys. But in this book I got to see deeper into jace, his past, and why he is like he is.

I love Cassandra Clare’s writing. Like a lot. It’s so beautiful and makes me feel like i am right there with the characters.

All in all: i just can NOT wait to read (or listen to) City of Glass. City of Ashes left me feeling like i may have an idea of the next twist in the story.. ahh just typing about it makes me want to go read it right now!

thanks so much for reading!


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  1. My sister and I have been meaning to read the city of bones series but for some reason we never get to it! She's reading clockwork angel now and I'm going to try reading city of Bones next. Heard many good reviews about it!Personally I can't listen to audiobooks, I get a headache after a while but also I tried listening to insatiable by Meg Cabot once and the woman speaking kept changing her voice between characters and that just made me stop.I like action and stubborn boys so I can't wait to read it!Btw I replied to ur comment in my blog, here's our email: u can email us what u want to ask, we love new blogger friends! :)-juhina

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