Musing Mondays!

Other than for school, do you read books to learn how to do something? What was/were the topic(s)?

Rebekah here.

I haven’t read many “how-to” books lately, but I used to love them growing up.

I don’t know about you gal readers, but I was a huge American Girl. Like not just the dolls…but all the books.

No, these aren’t “How to Build a Rocketship” or “Learn to be Trilingual”….but they’re AWESOME. Still refer back to the Hair one….still trying to learn how to french braid..tsk tsk

Check it out. Seriously. Click here.

  1. I like the look of those books – we don't have anything like them in the UK as far as I'm aware (or maybe I just missed them completely – LOL!). Do they have anything similar aimed at boys?Here’s my Musing Mondays post. 🙂

  2. caite said:

    personally I would love to read a book about how to build a rocketship…

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