Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at brokeandbookish! today’s question…
What are the top ten books you have read that were outside of your comfort zone?
Unfortunately, it’s late. 
and, unfortunately, we have yet to do our top ten Tuesday post.
Most unfortunately of all,
we are tired and have 8 o’clock classes tomorrow.
Why, college? WHY?
So, I (Taylor) threw together the best partial list I could of books outside of my comfort zone. Considering I just really branched into YA this summer (excluding Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games), a lot of the books I have read could be considered outside my comfort zone since I am still somewhat new to the genre!
So, anyways, short and sweet.
honestly, as heart breaking as this book was, it was a seriously slow paced read for me. definitely out of my comfort zone though to be reading a book dealing with such serious issues.
this series sounded SO WEIRD to me when i heard about it. demon hunters? really? needless to say, I did not think high fantasy was my thing. let me tell you though, in these books it is TOTALLY my thing.
another one dealing with a hard topic- abuse. but I LOVED this book. it was funny, heart wrenching, and heart warming at the same time.
High fantasy, once again! This one didn’t quite do it for me, though, like City of Bones and Ashes. Still cute!
finally, paranormal just doesn’t appeal to me most of the time. but this book. wow. freaking hilarious and awesome! I have Demonglass on my shelf and can’t wait to read it!
so, half of a top ten? that kind of counts, right? 
not really, though. sorry for the lack of list!
we shall be back next week for a more thorough top ten though!
thanks for reading!
link back to your top ten so we can check it out!
  1. I resisted reading City Of Bones for ages but I really enjoyed it when I did finally get around to it. Need to catch up on the rest of the series now.

  2. I thought City of Bones was urban fantasy and that high fantasy is more traditional type fantasy like Brightly Woven and The Chronicles of Prydain, etc.Great list!! I loved The Kite Runner and Brightly Woven. And really want to read Hex Hall.

  3. Kat said:

    I agree with you about City of Bones. 🙂 I used to not touch anything that involved fantasy, but after I read that book, I was hooked! Amazing series.

  4. Erica said:

    City of Bones should've been on my list, solely because I thougght it wasn't gonna be good. It was alright but I still haven't finished the series. and BRIGHTLY WOVEN. It is my favorite book 🙂

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