Top Ten Books to Buy for Friends and Family!

Happy Tuesday! Taylor here. 
Today’s theme is books you want to buy for close family members and friends! Here is a quick list of what I would choose for those special ones around me! This weekly meme is hosted by the brokeandbookish!
Jumping right on in to number 1…
For the 10 year old boy I babysit. He has read Zelnick’s other book and loved it. He told me he wanted to read this after he finished Harry Potter series. (That’s right, he is 10 and on the 6th book!)
For my 7 year old niece. My sister-in-law recommended it, and said she is really into building right now?! Okay!

For my older sister who loves historical fiction! And a little magic thrown in can’t hurt!

For my sister-in-law who has a serious appreciation for books and words. But really, who would’t love this book?!

Another one for my 7 year old niece. She is a really, really good reader, and this book was magical for me when I was younger. Heck, it still is!

For the first grader I babysit. She already loves these books. Junie is SO funny! I would read these right now and probably die laughing.

For my Dad. I want him to love this series! I already got him hooked on Harry and the Hunger Games!

Again, for Ella, the first grader I babysit! I LOVED ANYTHING BEVERLY CLEARY! So she should too 🙂

For my co-blogger, Rebekah! I know how much she wants to read this and I wish I had gotten it for her in time!
Hope y’all enjoyed! Leave a link or comment with your top ten so we can check it out!
  1. Hmm great choices! So cute how you know what everybody wants! XD lol i wish my dad reads harry potter and the hunger games!! hahaha!Hope you get to buy them someday and make the ones you love happy!Farah =)

  2. I love how you've included so many books for kids you know. I love buying kids books, I have to get in early before they get bored of reading!

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