Bookish Bullets

  • I was going to do a Follow Friday post, however, I didn’t really feel like it. And while it is a great way for us to grow our blog, I also think it is important to show some individuality and personality on the blog as well!
  • I just finished my first book in verse, The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder. Heading to the library tomorrow to borrow more to devour. 
  • Not that I need to get any more books from the library as my current TBR pile looks like this..
Yeah.. I got a little ambitious when packing for Winter break. Books on the right are library books and the two piles on the left are mine. I need help!
  •  Currently reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. With my love for dystopians I feel like it is a classic series I must read!
  • Love when I open up the blog and see when my amazing co-blogger Rebekah has posted something completely awesome on the blog. We really have no system for posting right now. It’s just kind of whoever feels like it! It works!
  • Last thing.. I am just so thankful for all 58 followers we have now. We would not have the encouragement to keep blogging without y’all! Let us know anything we can review or give advice on so we can help our blogger friends out as much as possible!
I suppose that is all for now. I guess the point of bullet points is to keep it short and simple… but hey, this is a blog about words.. in books.. so i guess being a little wordy isn’t that big of a deal!

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