Follow Friday (5)

Hey guys!
This meme is a weekly blog hop event hosted by alisoncanread and parajunkee.
This week’s question: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your book shelf. How many?
Well, I am not with all my books right now… but based on past times I’ve counted and books that I have accumulated since then.. I’d say around 50-60. And I just started collecting this past summer of 2011. It’s an addiction, and I’m thankful that all you reading this probably understand that! However, I have declared at least January as “read my own books month,” and have already successfully avoided getting books at the library once. I just grab movies and tv shows instead…! 
How about y’all?
Thanks for reading!


  1. New follower! Your header is so pretty. Looking forward to your reviews. :)

  2. Hopping through. 50 to 60 is a manageable number. You can get it down and then buy more.My Hop

  3. Niina C said:

    60 is very respectable number not too high not too low… ;)New Follower! Come see my Friday as well! FF & TGIF Numbers & Goals Edition!

  4. I didn't have time to count, but I probably have that many sitting around too that still need to be read!New follower :)Amanda(

  5. Sam said:

    Well, that is definitely a good addiction to have! New follower here. 🙂My FF post

  6. Sidne said:

    I too have avoided books at library.well,ok,not really.moved to new state and just dont feel like getting a new card yet. book lazy.lol

  7. Fran said:

    Yeah it definitely is an addiction, especially with so many new amazing books coming out every week!!Great post, new follower:DFranBookChowDown

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