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Image“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

Reviewer: Rebekah

Author:  Stephen Chbosky
Source: Library/ Nook
Pages: 213 Pages
Genre: YA Fiction
Publication Date: Feb. 1st 1999
Publisher: MTV Books
Rating: 4/5

I bought this book about a year ago, planned to read it, never did, lost the book, didn’t read it, borrowed my sister’s nook because SHE read it before me (doesn’t happen often), she asked for it back, Taylor got it from the library, and then FINALLY I finished it. What a journey.

I can’t say that this book altered any of my major thoughts on life or changed my opinion of people, but it did confirm a truth: we are all, at least a little bit, messed up.

Charlie was honest and good and kind, but he was also depressed, abused, scarred, in love, angry, happy, drugged out, confused, and so on and so forth. In many ways I believe this book was just an explosion and magnification of teenage angst, but it was also representative of at least one major issue I think every teenager is at least moderately involved in at one point or another. Maybe we all don’t go through the extremely intense things Charlie went through in one school year, but we do go through things. That’s life. It can hurt.

My favorite relationship in this book was between Charlie and his sister. No, everyone, I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I really hope this is explored.

Second favorite relationship: Charlie and his teacher, Bill. PAUL RUDD, I’M SURE YOU’RE PERFECT. Don’t let me down.